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proforst is our forestry information system with client accounts containing cartograhic components for forestry districts, forest authorities and the central offices of a forestry operation. It is a modular information system for the entire range of forestry work. From the planning via the execution to the evaluation stages proforst supports users at all levels in a reliable and practical way, as the software is developed jointly by forestry graduates and computer scientists in our company. This is the only way of achieving a standardized solution for all forestry proprietors. The forestry industry can therefore be organized more efficiently and forest rangers have more time for essential tasks – time to manage the forest and time to protect it. proforst is available either as a single or multiple user system (client/server architecture). In addition, the software may be accessed by the terminal server technology via the internet. As almost all data have a local reference most data like boundary lines, piles, hunting equipmentare and other is linked to ArcGIS bidirectionally and can be depicted on digital maps or used for spatial analysis in ArcGIS.

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