Geospatial Integration and Validation

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The Geospatial Integration and Validation System (GIVS) is a collaborative web-based platform designed for consistent state-wide NG911 geospatial data maintenance. It employs a multi-agency QAQC workflow using standards and requirements developed by NENA while retaining the original data supply chain structure its member agencies. The GIVS platform performs over 30 QAQC checks (Interlayer & Intralayer) based on NENA standards and generates a fishbone analysis. The GIVS Suite of software comes with web-based features as well as ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro application add-ins affectionately known as Sidekick. The Sidekick add-in provides a seamless migration of the GIVS capabilities from the web to your local ArcMap / ArcGIS Pro client. The Sidekick add-in provides users access to almost all of GIVS functionality without ever having to leave your editing environment. Features of Sidekick include: - Real-time data loading into the GIVS system - QC Report generation and retrieval - Automated table joins, attaching the error reports directly to the related records - Map synchronization with the Web UI - Fishbone Visualization Coming Soon! Report Automation - Generate new QAQC reports at user defined intervals by linking your ArcGIS Rest Services to the GIVS platform!


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