LinearBench® Event Ninja

By Gistic Research Inc

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Built on Esri’s Roads and Highways, LB Event Ninja offers a new way to manage LRS events stored in Road & Highway by focusing on topology. The time-space diagram (TSD) is able to visualize not only relationships between events but also relationships between events and routes. Our unique approach allows for users to easily visualize and repair errors along a graphic interface timeline that supports snapping operations. This unique graphic approach allows users to easily adjust routes in both space and time. Features: LRS Time Machine - View LRS historical and future planned LRS Data On-the-fly Topology QC/QC Map / Diagram-driven editing Automated Spatiotemporal Event Management Referent LRM Support Graphic Interface Features: - Measure / Time Snapping - Event Seeding - Attribute Anchoring - Batch Operations - 3D Event Exploration (coming soon)


Highways & Roads,Pipeline

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