Street Address Parsing for NG911

By Gistic Research Inc

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Gistic's industry leading address parsing platform, Address Analysis with Artificial Intelligence (A3i), can now be used directly within ArcGIS Pro via a custom python tool! One of the main challenges of address management for Next Gen 911 is the need to take legacy addresses in their fully concatenated forms and parse them out into their components for Next Gen 911 compliance. Gistic's A3i system makes this take easy by providing access to our secure rest API through a convenient and easy to use python toolbox. This interface is intuitive to anyone familiar with using other Tools inside of ArcGIS Pro. The A3i engine uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Relational Database with configurable tokens and standardized/alias names, and tokenization through RegEx Pattern Matching. This design makes the A3i system incredibly adaptable and scalable to meet each customers unique needs. For a product demonstration, please watch our YouTube video: A free public test version of the tool is available at: You may also test the tool using the web interface at: *This test version is limited to 50 records at a time, and the python code is password protected. This test version is strictly limited to testing outside of a production environment and is not to be used commercially.


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