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Jabron - Water Surface Profiles The Jabron-software has been developed for computing water surface profiles for small and medium rivers in the flat to hilly regions of central Europe. Jabron can handle regulating structures (e.g., weirs, culverts, dams, sluices) and natural structures (profiles, vegetation, and interaction between main channel and floodplains). German technical rules (e.g., DVWK 220, BWK) are considered. The main focus of the software is on rivers with natural characteristics in profile and location, and with vegetation in a sustainable river/landscape environment. Model results include simulated water levels, flow velocity, and shear stress. Recent flood events have caused a change in technical, political, and economical awareness of the inter-action between river and landscape during flood periods. Therefore, the focus for hydraulic investigations has changed toward knowing the inundated riverbanks and floodplains.


Environmental Management, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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