NASIM Rainfall/Runoff Model

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Rainfall Runoff Model NASIM is able to simulate the water balance of a watershed in the range of 5 to 5,000 km². It is used by water authorities and consultants to predict hydrographs and to calculate values for extreme- and low-flow statistics. NASIM is a deterministic rainfall runoff model for long-term simulation and single-event simulation. Processes are available for reservoir hydrology, flood routing, flow concentration, and water balance for soil and catchment. NASIM supports simulation of both rural and urban regions. The catchment is divided into elementary areas with homogeneous hydrological parameters such as soil, land use, and groundwater level. Results of the NASIM model are time series of different hydrological processes, like overland flow, interflow, base flow, evapotranspiration, snow melt, infiltration, and total catchment discharge. The NASIM package includes several ArcView GIS extensions to prepare the data used and to present the results.


Environmental Management, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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