ActivePlan™ for All Hazards

By Intterra

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ActivePlan is an all-hazards digital preplanning tool that provides essential information about the area, available resources, and tailored response strategies, enabling responding agencies to mount a rapid and coordinated response when addressing any incident. COMPREHENSIVE HAZARD MAPPING & ANALYSIS - Geospatial Mapping: Utilize dynamic overlays to visualize hazards, resources, and critical infrastructure. - Real-Time Data: Integrate weather updates, traffic conditions, and incident reports to inform and refine preplanning efforts. - Analytics and Reporting: Leverage data insights to identify risk areas, optimize resources and track performance. INTEGRATED PLANNING & PREPAREDNESS System Integrations: Incorporate data from CAD, RMS, and other sources to enhance accuracy and preplanning efforts. Scenario Planning: Develop and test multiple emergency scenarios to ensure flexibility in preparedness plans. Resource Management: Track and allocate equipment, personnel, and supplies efficiently to align with strategies. COORDINATION & RESPONSE STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT Interagency Coordination: Collaborate, share preplanning documents, resource locations, and joint operation logs. Response Plans: Craft detailed response strategies, including routes, staging areas and incident action steps. Evacuation Planning: Preplan evacuation strategies with routes, assembly areas, and shelters to ensure readiness.


Electric & Gas, Entertainment & Leisure, Forestry, Insurance, Intelligence, Public Safety

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