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The Lynx Seismap extension for ESRI's ArcMap application provides integrated seismic, well log and cross-section viewers for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop version 10.1 and 10.0 Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP. Display native SEG-Y and LAS files interactively direct from your ArcMap desktop. Lynx viewers are integrated into ArcGIS Desktop, making viewing seismic and wireline data as easy as using the built-in hyperlink tool. Integrate your seismic interpretation with your GIS data - horizons, faults and surfaces can be imported, visualised and displayed in map and section view. Geologic cross-sections can be viewed interactively - track along the line of section in your map view to dynamically scroll/zoom the cross-section. View wireline logs with formation tops - Generate 3D seismic survey outline polygons directly from your 3D SEG-Y data volumes. Lynx Seismap also includes import and export for common exploration data formats including SEG-P1/UKOOA and Z-map.


Geologic, Petroleum

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