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Maxar is building Precision3D, pairing our massive satellite imagery archive with legacy Vricon 3D technology to provide our customers with most accurate representation of Earth for simulation, training, navigation, network planning, consumer gaming and other complex environments. Our unique technology enhances the utility of our imagery, fuels 3D models and provides an accurate foundational layer for all Earth observation data. Our approach combines decades of deep mission understanding and a proven foundation of commercial technology to deliver solutions with unrivaled speed, scale and cost-effectiveness.  Leveraging our Earth imaging constellation and our patented 3D technology, Maxar produces geospecific Precision3D products with 50 cm resolution and an absolute accuracy of 3 m SE90, at global scale. We offer Precision3D 3D Surface Model, Precision3D Digital Surface Model (DSM), Precision3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Precision3D Point Cloud and Precision3D True Ortho.

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