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As the global leader in satellite imagery, Maxar provides the highest commercial resolution satellite imagery available. Maxar’s satellites collect the highest resolution satellite imagery commercially available, delivering native 30 cm resolution and derived 15 cm high-definition imagery, allowing you to capture objects and details not discernible in lower resolution, such as type of vehicles, road markings and even people. Maxar’s imagery helps innovative industries to conserve resources, expedite operations, improve compliance and save lives. Make better, faster decisions using imagery with the best accuracy, resolution and spectral diversity and the deepest time-lapse library on the planet. Dating back to 2000, Maxar has the largest archive of high-resolution satellite imagery, with more than 3.8 million square kilometers of imagery added to the archive daily. In addition to having the highest resolution imagery, Maxar delivers satellite imagery with 5 meter or better pointing accuracy.

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