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vMax Compass is a full-fledged K-12 Routing and Transportation Information Management solution. Anyone involved in School Bus operations knows the effort and complexity of planning routes and keeping up with changes to routes and stops throughout the academic year. Compass has been built with the objective of taking K-12 routing to the much needed next level involving use of software intelligence and automated decision processing to produce efficient routes. Compass is designed to reduce the tedium and manual effort that goes into route designing. Compass does the actual work of planning and optimizing routes based on a variety of parameters such as bus capacities, special equipment needs, ride time, mileage, school bell times etc. Whether a school district is interested in improving the efficiency of its existing fleet routing and reducing fleet size or if the district is looking for data to assist it with expanding its fleet, Compass is the ideal and easy to use software tool for such tasks. Compass is a an operational tool in that it is ideal for day to day route management and at the same time it is a strong planning tool letting districts experiment with various “what-if” type scenarios by varying parameters such as bell times, number of buses etc. to view the impact on routing.


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