Spatial Business Systems, LLC (SBS)

Littleton, CO, United States


SBS is the leading provider of integrated design solutions for the utility industry. SBS products include Automated Utility Design, Substation Design Suite™ and Utility DataHub™. The company is also a leading provider of spatial data integration solutions based on ArcGIS Data Interoperability and FME. SBS has core competencies of integrating ArcGIS with AutoCAD to support integrated workflows for utilities and infrastructure management. SBS also has product-level integration tools to support Esri integration with GE Smallworld. Automated Utility Design™ is the leading distribution design application for utilities. It is based on the ease-of-use of AutoCAD integrated with the power of ArcGIS, ArcGIS Professional and the Esri Utility Network Management extension. AUD users are able to leverage Esri's Utility Network to gather all of the critical network information necessary to perform optimal utility distribution designs for electricity, gas, water and telecommunications. Substation Design Suite™ provides highly productive substation design tools for intelligent 3D design and intelligent wiring design. These products can work together with ArcGIS to enable organizations to put advanced substation data into a geographic context, helping them support utility network modeling, mobile and 3D visualization within the Esri platform. The SBS service delivery team provides professional, integrated solutions to ensure successful client deployments.