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Client: Ward7 Outreach Committee Challenge: Development within Washington DC is guided by a Comprehensive plan developed by the Office of Planning. Over the years, Ward7 has achieved its own distinct success, however, historic challenges have caused a rather sharp divide between Ward7 and some of its surrounding neighborhoods. Community outreach regarding what factors are considered by the plan and some of the challenges faced by Ward7 during the development process was required. Solution: SymGEO built a community outreach site using ArcGIS Hub, designed to present a brief history of the area, a flavor of the neighborhood, the challenges faced due to a changing development landscape, and a call to action for the residents. Client Feedback: “The genius of SymGEO was exactly what I needed to help jump-start a discussion on the DC Comprehensive Plan/Element Framework, transforming it from a boring review of data sets into an energizing discussion where people can clearly identify themselves in the data and endeavor to become change agents! SymGEO has taken community engagement and data collection to another level! #OneHappyCustomer” – Ward7 Outreach Committee Chair


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