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WebTMA is the ultimate solution for meeting your organization’s strategic goals related to managing your facilities and maintenance operations. WebTMA is TMA’s core solution. This scalable web-based software application provides users with the ability to access their facility and maintenance data from any location at any time — via the Internet or their intranet. Whether hosted by TMA as a subscription service or hosted by your organization, WebTMA has the functionality necessary to manage and maintain your facilities at the highest level. WebTMA is a powerful tool that will empower you to effectively and efficiently track, manage, and maintain your valuable assets. Benefits include: improved asset utilization, enhanced asset reliability, reduction in maintenance costs, improved workforce productivity, ability to manage and optimize inventory, ability to extend the useful life of your valuable assets, and most importantly, increase the return-on-investment derived from your organization’s capital investments. With unsurpassed scalability, this integrated solution offers the flexibility to purchase the functionality your organization requires when you require it. In addition, through a variety of optional modules, you will have the capability to build a system that fits your organization’s specific needs and requirements. WebTMA will improve your levels of service by automating processes, improving your communications with customers or staff, and providing you the necessary tools to efficiently manage your facilities and maintenance operations. Written utilizing Microsoft® .NET technology, WebTMA is one of the most technologically advanced products of its kind on the market.

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