Esri Professional Services

Analysis and Design

At this stage, Esri works with you to elaborate on the requirements and high-level use cases and to develop a detailed design that can be validated against functional and nonfunctional requirements.

To develop the design, our technical team engages yours in workshops (separate from the requirements workshops) that progressively elaborate on requirements to develop application, database, and system designs. We will help you create business scenarios, detailed use cases, interfaces to other systems, graphical user interface (GUI) screens and storyboards, and other design artifacts that may be needed, such as report and map specifications. To solidify a design, the technical team may apply several techniques including prototyping, demonstrations, and customer reviews.

Our approach mitigates future development risk by allowing the technical team to evaluate the feasibility of a design through prototypes and customer walkthroughs of GUI storyboards that test the usability of that design. The results of this type of analysis may require re-evaluation of requirements and solution concepts, and the first two stages may overlap until the design is solidified and approved.

Once approved, Esri uses the results of this process to develop a detailed release plan for your solution. The release plan helps structure development activities into incremental, regularly scheduled builds with a defined functionality, and to itemize development work into manageable increments. This gives the project management team the necessary visibility to evaluate project status.

The detailed plan will also define the logistics of deployment and support, including how system components will be deployed into a production system.