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White Papers

  • Vendor Accuracy Study
    Esri's demographic data is ranked most accurate in a recent study. This white paper describes the Precision portion of a blind study conducted by four independent researchers who are authorities in small area forecasts and measures of forecast accuracy.
  • Minority Population Growth—The New Boom
    Minorities are the new majority in many areas of the US. Esri's Tapestry Segmentation data is used in this white paper to describe how companies can attract and target these different consumers.
  • Is "Seniors" One Demographic Group?
    Contrary to popular belief, seniors are not a single monolithic consumer category. This white paper uses Tapestry Segmentation to illustrate how business can market effectively to different segments in this powerful consumer group.
  • The American Community Survey
    The American Community Survey (ACS) is the replacement for sample data from the decennial census. This white paper explains the difference between Census 2000 and the ACS and the methodology used by Esri to simplify the ACS data and enhance its usability.
  • Identifying Special Needs Populations in Hazard Zones: How to Use Tapestry Segmentation for Disaster Evacuation Planning
    The marketing application of customer profiling was used to identify special needs populations before, during, and after a disaster evacuation. Esri's Tapestry Segmentation system was used to analyze the population segments in the Virginia Beach, VA, surge zone for the Central Virginia Fire District. This white paper describes the steps used to perform the analysis.
  • Evaluating Population Projections: The Importance of Accurate Forecasting
    This white paper explains the importance of accurate forecasting after each decennial census, and the methodology created and used by Esri to develop its demographic data forecasts.


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