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Lifestyles—Esri Tapestry Segmentation

The next generation of Tapestry accurately captures these changes in the US population:

  • More Diversity
  • Changing Households
  • Increased Aging
  • Reduced Income
  • Slower Growth

With more than a century of combined experience, Esri's data team applied its proven Tapestry Segmentation methodology to classify US neighborhoods into 67 unique market segments. For a broader view, the segments are consolidated into 14 LifeMode summary groups and 6 Urbanization summary groups.

Tapestry can help you answer four customer analytics questions:

  • WHO are your best customers and prospects?
  • WHAT do they buy?
  • WHERE can you find more like them?
  • HOW can you reach them?

Want the big picture? Request a free poster that shows all 67 segments.

To access Tapestry, you need an ArcGIS Online paid or trial subscription. Don’t have ArcGIS Online? Sign up for a free 30-day ArcGIS Online trial.

ZIP Lookup – Try It!

We're a nation of ZIP Codes and neighborhoods. See how Tapestry describes yours.

ZIP Lookup – Try It!

See How Tapestry Classifies Neighborhoods in 55 Cities

Tapestry lifestyle data is available across the ArcGIS platform in four ways: web maps, reports, infographics, and data enrichment. Tapestry data is also included with Business Analyst, Community Analyst, and Esri Maps for Office.

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