Put Addresses and Places on a Map

Geocoding is the first and the most important step in making sense of location information. It helps you convert your addresses and place names into coordinates and put them on a map.

Key Features



Find and display addresses, places, businesses, and points of interest on a map.


Batch Geocoding

Locate multiple places or addresses at the same time.


Reverse Geocoding

Turn geographic coordinates into a place name or address. Or, get coordinates for any spot on the map.

Esri Geocoding Options

Esri Geocoding is available across the ArcGIS platform. You can use it wherever you need it, on any device, anywhere, anytime.

There are several ways to geocode:

Build Your Own Geocoder

Need to locate your own assets or streets? Esri Geocoding gives you that flexibility. You can create and manage your own address and asset data, search and geocode against it by building your own locators.

Leverage Esri World Geocoding Service

Get started fast with Esri’s ready-to-use geocoding service.

  • World Wide Coverage: Address level coverage for 107 countries in the key markets of the world including North America, Europe, Australia, Israel, India, Brazil, and Japan. Place-level coverage including landmarks and cities for the rest of the world.
  • Highly Accurate: Get the most precise, accurate, and reliable results. If the geocoding engine cannot match at address level, its built-in cascading capability will automatically match at the next best level.
  • Local Languages and Address Formats: Map your global addresses accurately, every time. Esri World Geocoding Service handles addresses in local alphabets, languages, Romanized characters, transliteration, and local address formats.
  • Ownership: Your geocoded coordinates are yours to keep and use anywhere.
  • Best Reference Data: Use the most up-to-date and best available reference data from authoritative commercial sources including HERE, TomTom, and local land authorities. Esri works with its international distributors and partners in many countries with complex addressing systems including Japan, Thailand, India, and Israel.
  • Find Businesses, Landmarks, and More: We have you covered whether you’re looking for a Starbucks or the Golden Gate Bridge, searching for the Eiffel Tower or calling it by its French name, Tour Eiffel. Locate millions of businesses, landmarks, and other points of interests. Search for places using English or your local language.

Create a Hybrid Model

Create a composite locator and geocode against multiple levels of data (address point, street name, postal code, or city). Customize the composite locator to first geocode against your own data and then fall back to an alternate locator. This way you get the best possible location accuracy in your results.

Get Started

Esri Geocoding is available across the ArcGIS platform with an implementation that fits your organization.

Global Geocoding using
Cloud-based Services
Global Geocoding in Your Infrastructure Local Geocoding in your Infrastructure

Esri’s World Geocoding Service is global, ready-to-use, and saves you money by paying for what you consume. Use any of the products below to get started:

ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS for Desktop
Esri Web and Mobile Apps
ArcGIS for Developers

World Geocoder for ArcGIS enables you to map your global addresses behind your firewall -- at a fixed cost.

You can choose from the options below:

Use StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS to map local, country-specific addresses behind your firewall -- at a fixed cost.

Build geocoding using your own data with ArcGIS for Desktop and host it in your infrastructure using ArcGIS for Server. Learn how.