Data Hosting

Securely host your data with ArcGIS Location Platform

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Host and leverage your data as a service

The data hosting service via ArcGIS Location Platform is a simple and secure solution for storing, managing, and accessing location-based data. Create hosted layers and data services from your information so users can query, edit, and analyze data through your applications. Maintain complete ownership over the data and its use.

The benefits of a data hosting service


Host and manage your data

Readily import, create, or convert your data into hosted layers. Easy to use data management tools make it simple to configure properties, style layers and perform key operations.

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Access your data with ease

Readily access your hosted data within your applications in formats such as vector and raster tiles or as feature services, which are supported seamlessly with the API of your choice.

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Host your data in flexible formats

Host data in your preferred format—such as CSV, GeoJSON, or shapefile—to create services from your data to visualize, edit, and analyze your authoritative content.

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Premium Feature data hosting

Increase your feature data storage and capacity for more intensive query, edit, and analysis operations.

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