Conservation GIS Program

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Conservation GIS Program

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A Platform for Protecting the Natural World

You are committed to protecting the earth and advocating for its care. The ArcGIS platform helps you achieve your conservation goals with tools for gathering information, planning, and engaging others so you can take action and create positive change. Through the Esri Conservation Program eligible organizations or individuals can gain access to Esri expertise and technology in support of their mission.

Designed for the Field

Gather data with greater precision and efficiency to respond to problems more quickly. With ArcGIS mobile apps you can even work offline to observe, measure, and monitor your area of study.

Predict the Future

Use the modeling tools in ArcGIS to analyze data, visualize patterns, and understand systems. Compare present conditions with the past to make authoritative predictions.

A Plan to Protect

Create a strategic plan to meet your conservation goals. ArcGIS empowers stakeholders with decision support tools to visualize possible outcomes and inform others.

Resolve Natural Resource Conflicts

ArcGIS allows groups to come together and use maps to compare needs. Through collaboration, areas of contention are easier to manage and can be resolved with better communication.


Inspire others to understand your cause and take action. With visual platforms like Story Maps, you can tell your conservation story in context with maps and media that describe your cause.


Apply for a Conservation Grant or Nonprofit license now and get access to the maps, apps, and data that make it all possible.