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Election departments and campaigns look to Esri technology to fully understand constituents and communities. Government leaders and candidates rely on Esri demographic data and GIS tools to ensure they know the issues that matter to the public. Use GIS to enrich your outreach, services, and communication. Make sure you are equipped to address the community’s most pressing concerns.



Ensure that your organization fully understands the electoral landscape leading up to elections. Know where to direct your outreach.


Gain a complete data-pictureof the issues that matter to the public. Determine how to best serve their needs


Move initiatives forward with confidence. Know that your outreach reachesthe right people in the right place.


Esri Community Analyst

Esri Community Analyst is a cloud-based mapping solution that provides simple and easy-to-use GIS capabilities. Use it to get up-to-date data faster, determine where to focus resources, and create reports that are customized to meet your needs as you prepare for an election. It goes beyond basic demographics to provide real insights on the behaviors and preferences of people in an area.

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ArcGIS Maps for Office

Use ArcGIS Maps for Office to create maps within the Excel spreadsheets you are already using to manage voter and other election-related data. Seeing data on a map makes it easier to understand the electoral landscape. Color-coded, point, and heat maps tell a story that simple data often fails to show. Add Esri demographics and lifestyle data to get even more context.

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Esri Data

Esri data provides accurate information on diversity, aging populations, changing households, income, and growth. Combine current-year estimates and five-year projections to see population shifts and trends that affect planning and decision making. Ranked #1 for accuracy in an independent, blind study, Esri has data you can depend on.

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