Manage elections more effectively.

During all phases of the election cycle, Esri software and services makes it easier to manage voter and election data, understand voter needs, and deliver services. Polling place siting, managing staff and volunteers, and delivering equipment are just the beginning. On Election night, end on a high note with online maps that clearly show results. From start to finish, GIS makes elections run more smoothly.



Use GIS to organize data, plan, and make informed decisions that ensure operations run smoothly.


Understand citizens’ needs and effectively target outreach. Determine the best way to use resources leading up to and during elections.


Easily share information, such as possible polling locations, in your organization. Show citizens the information they need including election results.


Esri Maps for Office

Use Esri Maps for Office to create maps within the Excel spreadsheets to manage voter and other election-related data. Seeing data on a map makes it easier to understand the electoral landscape. Color-coded, point, and heat maps tell a story that simple data often fails to show. Add Esri demographics and lifestyle data to get even more context.

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ArcGIS Online

People involved in elections can use location information regardless of how technically savvy they are. ArcGIS Online provides ready-to-use content, apps, and templates that get you started quickly. Share geographic information with anyone, anywhere.

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ArcGIS for Local Government

ArcGIS for Local Government includes free application templates that jump-start application development without requiring coding. The solution works with ArcGIS Online and offers a polling place locator, results map, and districting apps.

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