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You can improve redistricting for more balanced representation with Esri. During the process, citizens need to know their voices are heard. Esri technology sets you up for success with accurate data and the best GIS tools. With a robust view of the geography and demographic makeup of an area, you can effectively communicate with stakeholders, collaborate, and make the most informed decisions. Use Esri GIS and data to create an inclusive experience and determine the best way to draw district lines.



Create easy-to-use maps that illustrate the dynamics of communities. Store the maps for quick reference and share plans with stakeholders.


Develop online maps that make it easy for citizens to understand redistricting and participate in the process.


Define district boundaries that incorporate citizen feedback, reflect changes in populations, and avoid fracturing communities.


Esri Redistricting

Esri Redistricting is a web-based solution for state and local governments, legislators, and advocacy groups to create political and geographic redistricting plans. It facilitates collaboration, creating variations on redistricting scenarios, and sharing plans with stakeholders, including citizens.

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ArcGIS for Local Government

ArcGIS for Local Government includes free application templates that jump-start application development without requiring coding. The solution works with ArcGIS Online and offers a polling place locator, results map, and districting apps.

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ArcGIS Online

People involved in elections can use location information regardless of how technically savvy they are. ArcGIS Online provides ready-to-use content, apps, and templates that get you started quickly. Share geographic information with anyone, anywhere.

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