Meet health, safety, and environment obligations.

Environmental impact costs can be substantial. Visualizing data in GIS allows you to manage health, safety, and environment (HSE) areas better. For instance, adding freely available environmental datasets into a site location study broadens your understanding of HSE risks. Furthermore, specialists and inspectors are more accurate when they have access to detailed and up-to-date mapping and inspection data. This helps them make quick decisions and respond to incidents faster. Finally, GIS helps you build positive relationships with the local community through informational online GIS applications and interactive map.

"OMV GIS users can see high-resolution imagery of HSE areas, study comparison maps of environmentally sensitive areas, and create accurate reports."

Christoph Smolka. GIS team lead, OMV



Assess risk for each project in terms of people, assets, the environment, and your reputation. Monitor environmental changes that may be caused by your operations.


Manage a diverse HSE portfolio of plans, reports, and requirements across various operations. Integrate sensor and video data into the map to allow engineers to monitor installation and hazards.


Swiftly and flexibly share response plans and information with teams and stake holders via a common operating picture. See the entire event to make faster and more effective decisions.



Preparing for an offshore spill-drill exercise is serious business, and expectations are now set that GIS provides the backbone for such a system in planning, preparedness, mitigation, and response. GIS is a common operating platform for integrating a wide array of data from different parties and a framework for sharing, planning, and reporting information in context.

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ArcGIS for Server

Having a system that is ready to roll is paramount. Support response teams by directing activities via a common operating picture. Use ArcGIS for Server as the command center’s platform. Create and distribute maps based on real-time information. Use web-aps to keep information flowing between the field and the center.

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ArcGIS Online

Use Esri basemaps as the foundation for seeing your geospatial data in different contexts. Keep an eye on changing events using Landsat satellite imagery that is updated daily. Access data from hundreds of authoritative GIS data providers. Use the ArcGIS Online Public Safety COP template to jump-start your COP GIS. Get a 30-day free trial of ArcGIS Online.

Get a 30-day free trial of ArcGIS Online.

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