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Optimize refining and distribution with GIS

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Advanced maps and spatial analytics are essential for optimizing your downstream business. Manage your refinery operations, improve your distribution networks, increase your returns across supply and trading, and grow your retail networks with GIS. Location intelligence enables greater insights, smarter decisions, and safer and more efficient operations, ultimately improving customer service and the bottom line.

Enhance downstream operations across the value chain

Refining and chemicals

GIS enhances CAD/BIM-based facility plans; onsite asset management; emergency response; and health, safety, and environment (HSE) reporting. Leverage mobile tools to manage work orders, collect field data, or track people and equipment. GIS enables a fully informed digital twin of your assets, bringing together operational geography with your local engineering data.

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Supply and trading

Explore local to global energy market data to identify opportunities. Bring together weather, news, geopolitics, shipping, pipeline infrastructure, production, storage capacity, and other variables to identify trends, understand product movements, and make informed decisions.

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GIS provides a robust retail operations platform enabling demographic analysis, site selection, environmental monitoring, and fuel delivery optimization. Integrate real-time and historical traffic analysis and pricing analytics to build and deliver an end-to-end digital twin of your retail business.

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Energy company optimizes fuel delivery with GIS

Argentina’s Pan American Energy Group reduces costs and improves customer relations by optimizing fuel delivery with ArcGIS.

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Products for downstream


Related industries and resources

Geographic data and analytics are often common across industries. Explore how other industries and initiatives are applying Esri technology to solve complex problems. Leverage their innovation and ideas to help drive new solutions in support of the downstream segment.

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Retailers need to quickly assess market conditions for proposed and existing stores. Advanced mapping and spatial analytics in ArcGIS software empower retailers to use real-time data to make informed market planning decisions.

Explore Retail

Facility Management

Facility managers achieve success using powerful data management, analysis, and visualization. A digital approach to facility management helps leaders assess security risks, develop plans, protect staff and assets, and improve daily operations.

Explore Facility Management

Situational Awareness

Using location intelligence, business leaders see a holistic view of a situation including real-time data such as the locations of assets, crews, and other resources. This approach leads to smart decisions in the moment and predictive abilities for the future.

Explore Situational Awareness

Site Analysis and Territory Planning

Innovative business leaders use location intelligence to forecast profits for potential sites and networks and to make strong site selection and market planning decisions.

Explore Site Analysis

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