Modernize your planning department.

Around the world, organizations use Esri technology to make smarter plans, engage stakeholders, and foster vibrant communities. Government leaders, partners, and citizens increasingly expect to see engaging online maps that convey planning information in an easy-to-understand way. Use Esri technology to modernize how you manage comprehensive planning, land-use changes, and permitting. Make more informed planning decisions. Streamline the permitting process. Help your community grow while protecting its heritage.



Use GIS to make the planning process smoother while fully incorporating community needs now and in the future.


Understand the complexity of the people and environment in your community, then make decisions that enhance quality of life for all.


Make plans that meet the needs of your changing population while enhancing public and private spaces.


Using the ArcGIS platform, planning departments can address the various workflows and functions they carry out every day. Explore our focused planning offers that increase transparency, help open access to data, reduce duplication of work, boost efficiency, and promote smarter decision making. Learn More →

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