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The November update of ArcGIS Online features exciting improvements in administration, content, apps, and, of course, mapping.

Smart Mapping

New styles help you make your maps more attractive, and smarter—some even perform behind-the-scenes calculations. Learn More

Color & Size

Color & Size

Map the relationship between two numbers, such as poverty rate and number of single-parent households.

Unique Symbols & Size

Unique Symbols & Size

Map and count attributes, but use a unique color for each value found in another field.

Compare A to B

Compare A to B

Map the ratio between two numbers and express that relationship as percentages or simple ratios.

Vector Tile Layers

Experience even more dynamic, interactive cartography with Beta versions of Esri vector basemaps, available as vector tile layers and maps for display in the map viewer. Learn More


At Esri we are always working to keep ArcGIS secure and make your experience using it a happy one.
Learn More

  • More Control

    A new credit allocation option lets you assign credit allowances to members. And, now you can assign roles in bulk.

  • Enhanced Security

    ArcGIS Online now supports encrypted Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0.

  • Status Reports

    A new series of usage reports focuses on app utilization and includes aggregations as well as drill-down details.

Apps for Everyone

So many exciting things are happening with ArcGIS apps right now. They are becoming more useful, interoperable … and more fun! Learn More

  • Survey123 for ArcGIS (Beta)

    Meet a new app! Create and analyse surveys with this simple, intuitive form-centric data-gathering solution.

  • New Widgets

    In Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, new widgets allow you to edit multiple attributes and better manage user feedback.

  • Open Data

    ArcGIS Open Data now highlights several key sections of standards-based metadata.

  • Localization

    Navigator for ArcGIS, Esri Maps for SharePoint, and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, have been localized in more languages.

  • More Support

    Collector for ArcGIS now includes support for Windows 10 devices and improved support for external GNSS receivers.

Scene Viewer

Display data in a smaller or local extent using local scenes. You can create and view them to display content in any geographic or projected coordinate system. Learn More

ArcGIS Content

Get additional levels of detail in the tiling scheme to support larger scale data in or on the basemap for World Imagery, World Street Map, and World Topographic Map. Find updates to reference layers with recent data for North America. Access demographic maps with current data for more than 20 countries, including Canada. Learn More

ArcGIS Content

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