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Esri and Global Forest Watch Partnership

Access the Global Forest Watch (GFW) collection of GIS data, maps, and web applications through an ArcGIS Online portal. View forest change in near real time, assess deforestation, and publish meaningful web maps that support sustainable management of the Earth's forests. Read more about the Global Forest Watch partnership with Esri.


Global Forest Watch and ArcGIS Online Maps

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Esri and Global Forest Watch

Esri is a lead technical partner in Global Forest Watch, a partnership that aims to provide the most current, reliable, and actionable information about what is happening in forests worldwide. Esri, along with a partnership of more than forty organizations, participated in creating the program's vision and contributes technical capabilities, funding, software, data and expertise; and developing online tools. These partners built the GFW platform to provide free and open data to people seeking to better manage forests and improve local livelihoods. GFW users include concerned citizens, stakeholders in the world's forests, government leaders, and buyers and suppliers of sustainable forest products. Esri is a founding partner of GFW and continues to support the essential work of World Resources Institute (WRI) through the contribution of GIS software, technical support, training, and more.

Esri and Global Forest Watch

Two Powerful platforms on One Service

Users now have two ways to access the maps and data available on Global Forest Watch:

The GFW platform allows users to visualize near real-time forest change data, satellite imagery, forest management concession maps, protected areas maps, mobile technology, crowd-sourced data, and access on-the-ground networks.

The ArcGIS Online portal to the GFW platform allows users to use this forest data in a GIS cloud environment. ArcGIS Online resources include thousands of authoritative datasets, references, and thematic maps about hundreds of topics. Its powerful web GIS applications help people better compare, analyz, and assess indicators of forest change. Users can also combine GFW with ArcGIS Online worldwide high-resolution imagery and restyle it to highlight specific characteristic and reveal changes over time.

By creating and sharing deforestation maps online, people can help organizations prioritize conservation and planning efforts to save Earth's forests.

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