Providing Innovative Solutions for the GEOINT Community

As a longtime and trusted partner of the GEOINT community, Esri provides innovative geospatial solutions for defense, intelligence, and national security organizations. These solutions are open-source and based on the well-known ArcGIS platform, which provides a framework for integrating data from multiple sources to promote shared situational awareness. Esri's open-source API has transformed mobile and web GIS, enabling members of the GEOINT community to produce new customized apps, templates, GEOINT services, and data. Members of Esri's ArcGIS user community benefit from our dedicated efforts to continually advance our technology and deliver cutting-edge GEOINT solutions. Find out what Esri can do for your organization.

USGIF GEOINT Symposium 2016

Organized by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) and supported by multiple intelligence organizations, academia, and industry leaders, the GEOINT Symposium is the key conference for the geospatial intelligence community.

See the latest capabilities in the ArcGIS platform at one of these sessions included in the GEOINT Symposium agenda

  • Pre-GEOINT App Challenge

    Esri will co-host with USGIF an app challenge where teams from the GEOINT community will be issued an analytic challenge asked to develop a new application leveraging ArcGIS Online. Teams will mash up data, perform analytics, and produce an interactive product using configurable applications. Teams will present their results to a panel of judges. The winning team will be awarded an excellent trophy with ultimate bragging rights.

    Prior to the event, all teams will have access to resources on ArcGIS Online. Teams will have full access to prep and test out the technology before the event. Support and coaching from Esri will be available during the event.

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  • Training Session: Technical Applications for Geospatial Intelligence

    Wed 18 May, 7-9 a.m.

    Presented by Carl Eichenberger (Esri)

    This session provides a range of foundational to intermediate level knowledge about the application of Geospatial analysis. Throughout the session we will evaluate and prepare geospatial data for use in GEOINT fusion, analysis, and intelligence products, perform different types of geospatial analyses (including terrain, raster-based, viewshed, and temporal) to evaluate potential threats and identify patterns, hot spots, and clusters, evaluate suitability of multiple locations for tactical operations, and understand how the creation of operational map products aid in improving outcomes.

  • Visit Esri (Booth 600) at the EXPO

    16-18 May

    The ArcGIS platform provides high-performance 2D and 3D mapping and analysis in desktop, server, and hosted environments. It is a complete and open solution for managing, analyzing, and sharing data and products. Esri is transforming how organizations solve problems and make informed decision. Implementing the ArcGIS platform leverages big data, web technologies, and integrated apps to make GIS easy to use, more accessible, and collaborative. Capability demos and highlights will focus on:

Visualization & 3D

  • ArcGIS Earth is a free application designed to be a fast, light-weight, visualization environment in which users can interact with services and content in a very simple, intuitive environment
  • Create maps and services to support the visualization of the operational environment

Analytics & Intelligence Reporting

  • Integrate data from multiple intelligence disciplines and workflows to analyze patters, examine relationships, and determine probabilities
  • Apply advanced analytic methodologies, innovative tools, and other applications to intelligence problems

Imagery and FMV

  • National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) Imagery are now fully supported by the ArcGIS imagery management capability
  • Add full motion video data to your maps in desktop

WebGIS and Apps

  • The ArcGIS Platform can be extended through the use of publicly documented and available Application Programming Interfaces (API)
  • Choose from a variety of industry-proven configurable apps by Esri and app builders to quickly develop, customize, and deploy your projects without writing code

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