Planning and Collection

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Esri GIS supports the intelligence planning phase of the intelligence cycle with tools that help you understand collection requirements for current and planned disposition of assets. As intelligence is collected, ArcGIS provides a multi-intelligence environment for integrated collection across all five intelligence disciplines.

Integrated intelligence solutions for planning and collection

Location-based requirements analysis

ArcGIS allows managers to understand intelligence requirements and collection capabilities using time and space. In addition, ArcGIS provides access to known information for research prior to tasking new intelligence collection. Using geography to organize intelligence helps integrate multiple sources and create a true multi-intelligence collection plan.

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Integrated intelligence collection

ArcGIS provides tools for normalizing and structuring raw intelligence data from a variety of sources, allowing information to be integrated as soon as it is collected. ArcGIS also provides a spatiotemporal data store that can be accessed by anyone in an organization, making real-time integration of intelligence sources possible.

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Products for planning and collection

Esri GIS provides transformational technologies for intelligence organizations. ArcGIS software offers an open platform for leveraging advanced methodologies, innovative tools, and configurable applications.


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