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Throughout the intelligence cycle, intelligence analysts are tasked with responding to a variety of questions. Intelligence analysts are challenged to integrate data, develop understanding of adversaries, and predict possible outcomes. Esri ArcGIS software provides a robust set of tools for monitoring the locations of known targets, researching enemy signatures, searching for new targets, and discovering the unknown. GIS gives analysts the tools they need to continually produce intelligence in response to a variety of questions.

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ArcGIS includes tools for monitoring data in real time and creating condition-based alerts to help automate these critical tasks. This allows analysts and decision-makers to maintain situational awareness and understand potential indications and warnings. 

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ArcGIS enables analysts to integrate multiple sources of intelligence into a single view over space and time to identify possible patterns. Statistical analysis and machine learning can be used to find outliers and anomalies. The search capabilities of Portal for ArcGIS allow analysts to discover intelligence datasets and products to provide context or answers to research questions.

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ArcGIS provides tools for querying datasets or recognizing objects in imagery to reduce the area being searched. This information can be integrated with real-time intelligence to confirm new adversary locations. ArcGIS can be used to perform suitability analysis that helps identify new areas to be monitored.

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ArcGIS provides a framework for activity-based intelligence—a structured method used to improve understanding of networks, drive new data collection, and develop knowledge. ArcGIS also provides tools for fusing data and developing pattern-of-life analysis. These tools work with big data and real-time tools for multi-intelligence (multi-INT) analysis and support the formal method.

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Tradecraft sharing

ArcGIS helps analysts develop, capture, and share their tradecraft. Organizations can create a tradecraft-sharing library where best-practice workflows can be documented and standardized. This flexible environment gives analysts an enhanced ability to respond to changing threats without having to make changes to a program baseline. This helps organizations create an agile production and analysis process. 

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How humans and machines ensure national security

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) pairs humans with machines to find patterns and trends in data to aid warfighters and missions.

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