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Fall 2009
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GIS for Renewable Energy

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GIS is being extensively used in the quest to find and develop renewable energy resources, such as wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass energy. GIS is also being used to search for the best locations (considering natural and cultural resources) and to find the best corridors for transmission and distribution of resources.

GIS technology is supporting and underlying the progress of this monumental change. GIS is not only improving the way we produce and deliver energy but also changing the way we view our earth's resources. This issue of ArcNews explores some of the ways organizations around the globe are using GIS to foster renewable energy initiatives. See the following articles.

Related Podcasts

The Role of GIS in Renewable Energy Development
Mitchell Garnett, Esri's electric utility industry solutions manager, discusses how GIS can be used in the growth and integration of renewable energy generation. Garnett explains how the ModelBuilder application in ArcGIS can accelerate and simplify the process of assessing potential areas for wind energy generation. Listen to the podcast. [9:23 | 6.48 MB]

Boston Showcases Solar Power Potential with Esri's Web GIS
Greg Knight, senior GIS application developer for the Boston Redevelopment Authority, discusses the Solar Boston map that allows users to see active renewable energy installations within the city and to calculate the solar potential of building rooftops. The map was created by the Boston Redevelopment Authority in cooperation with the Solar Boston Program using several ArcGIS tools, including ArcGIS Spatial Analyst and the ArcGIS API for Flex. Listen to the podcast. [10:44 | 4.95 MB]

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