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New Instructor-Led Curriculum for the ArcGIS 10.1 Release
For the ArcGIS 10.1 release, Esri Training Services has redesigned its instructor-led curriculum to provide clear learning paths for GIS professionals and users. The new curriculum takes a holistic approach to teaching how to author, share, and use GIS maps and tools across the ArcGIS system.

The new curriculum begins with two courses that teach foundational GIS concepts and the software skills needed to be productive right away with ArcGIS. Students will be immersed in group activities and hands-on exercises in which they get experience with desktop, server, online, and even mobile ArcGIS platforms.

From the foundational courses, students can branch off to courses that focus on functional areas of GIS. Courses on web and desktop application development round out the curriculum.

ArcGIS 10.1 Foundation Courses

Analysis, Visualization, and Editing


ArcGIS for Server

Desktop Customization and Development

Web Application Development

Esri Training Services will continue to offer several of the most popular ArcGIS 10 courses for a period of time to support customers who will not be upgrading immediately.


Enterprise Geodatabase Management Professional Exam Now Available
Enterprise Geodatabase Management Professional is the latest Esri Technical Certification exam to be released to the public. GIS and database administrators, especially those that manage ArcSDE geodatabase technology, are excellent candidates to consider taking this exam. Find information about the skills measured and preparation resources for each exam and locate the testing center nearest to you on the certification website at

ArcGIS 10.1 Certification Exam Plans
Plans are in the works to add updated ArcGIS 10.1 certification exams to our existing line of version 10 certification exams. Esri Technical Certifications never expire, so the decision to recertify at the latest version is always up to you and may depend on the needs of your current job role. Some of the updated 10.1 exams may contain very few changes from their version 10 counterparts, while others may contain more significant changes. Updated 10.1 exams will be released according to exam popularity. More information will be available soon on

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