New Training Offerings from Esri

Preparing for Your Certification Exam

Workplace experience is the best preparation for taking an Esri Technical Certification examination, but Esri training courses can also help you polish skills or fill in some gaps. Information on the Web site details skills that will be measured in each exam and also recommends courses that will help you prepare.

See "Technical Certification Program Launched" for more information about the Esri Technical Certification Program, or visit the Web site at

New ArcGIS 10 Training

Every day, there are more and more courses and learning resources to help you make the transition to ArcGIS 10.

New Instructor-Led Courses for ArcGIS 10

Geoprocessing Raster Data Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst explores many of the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst tools, operators, and functions. You'll build map algebra expressions and models to execute geoprocessing workflows and manipulate raster data to make it suitable for analysis. You'll also cover basic concepts of fuzzy logic and how to apply it in modeling. (Offered in the online classroom—one-day course)

Managing Imagery Using ArcGIS offers a complete and integrated solution for managing, serving, and consuming image data. This course introduces the mosaic dataset, a new geodatabase data model for managing and serving raster datasets, and shows how to perform dynamic image processing. (Offered in the traditional classroom—two-day course)

Recorded Training Seminars

ArcGIS 10 Deployment: Download, Installation, and Authorization (U.S.) will guide you step-by-step through the ArcGIS 10 deployment process—from downloading, installing, and authorizing the software to managing and maintaining user licenses.

Free, 60-minute training seminars give you access to Esri subject matter experts who guide you through new features and functions of ArcGIS 10:

Developing Add-ins for ArcGIS Desktop 10
Using Network Analyst in ArcGIS Desktop 10
Visualizing and Analyzing Imagery with ArcGIS 10
Editing in ArcGIS Desktop 10
Managing Imagery with ArcGIS 10
Using Python in ArcGIS Desktop 10
Using ArcMap in ArcGIS Desktop 10

To see more titles that are added every month, visit

Live Training Seminars

Stream Esri technical experts directly to your desktop in these live, interactive, free 60-minute webinars. Check the schedule or request reminders at

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