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June 2012

A Capital Idea: Green Up DC

By Jessica Wyland
Esri Writer

People can now take an active role in protecting the environmental health of the Chesapeake Bay and lower their utility bills by using a new interactive web mapping application, Green Up DC, provided by the District Department of the Environment (DDOE). Green Up DC offers Washington, DC, residents tools to plan new improvement projects for their homes and businesses, including green roofs, pervious pavement, and rain barrels. They can also access information about financial subsidies and rebates, register installed projects, and view maps of other property owners' projects. Green Up DC features an intuitive mapcentric interface in an application that was created with Esri's ArcGIS API for JavaScript and runs on the web via Esri's ArcGIS technology. Read the article.

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People can design projects using the interactive drawing tools in the Green Up DC application.

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Tip of the Month

Learn to Use Image Analysis Functions to Display Layer Tints on Hillshades

Using transparency to overlay colored rasters on hillshades or other grayscale rasters results in a washed-out, less detailed image. Read this tip to learn how to use the No Alteration of Grayscale or Intensity (NAGI) fusion method to create an image that instead retains the original colors and details.

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