Nonprofit Organization Program Software License Terms and Conditions

Esri software acquired under the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program is licensed as a one (1) year Term License subject to the Esri License Agreement (E204/E300). In addition, the software may not be transferred to any affiliate or third party and may only be used for your internal nonprofit purposes.

At least thirty (30) days prior to expiration of the one (1) year term or any renewal thereof, provided that you continue to be eligible to participate in the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program, Esri shall submit a quotation to you to renew this Agreement for an additional one (1) year term.

Submission of a renewal purchase order in response to Esri's quotation confirms your representation that you are still eligible to participate under the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program and agree to renew the enterprise license agreement for another one (1) year period. Any follow-on license term will be offered in accordance with Esri's standard terms and conditions then in effect.

Esri objects to and expressly rejects any different or additional terms contained in any purchase offer, order, or confirmation form. By downloading this software, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you are acquiring the software under a Nonprofit Organization Enterprise License Agreement, the terms of that agreement take precedence over the terms hereof. For products and support included in the program please visit Esri Nonprofit Organization Program.