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Nonprofit and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Advance your mission and achieve measurable impact with GIS

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Having a great mission alone is not enough. Leaders at nonprofit organizations and NGOs must constantly balance priorities to identify communities of need, allocate resources, communicate purpose, improve advocacy, and increase overall effectiveness and efficiency. The organizations that thrive plan, measure, and manage their programs and operations through one common language—location.

A new perspective on your mission with GIS

Nonprofits and NGOs are better able to advance their mission and achieve measurable impact when they apply the lens of location to their operations. They leverage the power of location to make data-driven decisions, demonstrate positive impact, mobilize stakeholders, ensure sustained revenue, and stand out from the competition. Nonprofits embrace geographic information system (GIS) technology to:

  • Achieve greater operational efficiency and improve resource allocation.
  • Measure and optimize programs.
  • Advocate for their cause and engage stakeholders. 


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Esri Nonprofit Organization Program

The Esri Nonprofit Organization Program provides nonprofit organizations with low-cost access to GIS software, training, content, and other resources. Join a vibrant community of nonprofits around the globe working to create a better world.

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