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Qualified nonprofits involved in humanitarian, conservation, and community services efforts can use Esri ArcGIS technology to provide services and support for their operations and program management. If you are approved as a member, Esri will donate the same technology that is used in more than 350,000 organizations worldwide to help you meet your mission. While the software is free, there is a minimal annual administrative fee to cover processing and support.

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The Best Program around Just Got Better

We've recently made several improvements to the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program that can help you advance your important work and get the most out of our partnership:

  • Extend the reach of your GIS with free ArcGIS Online subscriptions that are included with every license of ArcGIS Desktop. Easily create and share interactive maps that tell your story and use out-of-the-box apps for field collection, executive briefings, and more.
  • Promote transparency and collaboration by unlocking your data with ArcGIS Open Data.
  • Take advantage of new image analysis and real-time tracking capabilities to visualize your operations across the globe.
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Learn GIS

Discounts apply to sales within the United States. For training opportunities provided by Esri international distributors, please contact your local distributor.

  • Instructor-led classes attended in the United States—Discount of 40 percent off the standard price of classes at an Esri Learning Center or in the online classroom
  • Client site and private classes held in the United States—Discount of 30 percent off the standard price
  • International instructor-led online classes—Discount of 25 percent off the standard price (US sales only)


The Esri Nonprofit Organization Program provides access to the GIS tools you need to better monitor, evaluate and communicate your operations. The program includes renewable 1-year term licenses for the ArcGIS Platform. Members are eligible to choose from these offers:

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ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is a complete mapping platform for your organization. It's ready to use with nothing to install or set up—it's software delivered as a service. Included are intuitive tools to create and publish maps and apps on demand that give you the ability to

See What's Included with ArcGIS Online
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ArcGIS Desktop

ArcGIS Desktop is the most complete desktop GIS. It enables you to discover patterns, relationships, and trends in your data that are not readily apparent in databases, spreadsheets, or statistical packages.

See What's Included with ArcGIS Desktop
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ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise is the most complete server GIS. It provides you with a full range of GIS server capabilities that allow you to transform the maps, imagery, data, and GIS tools that you commonly use in ArcGIS Desktop into fast, reliable web services that you can use anywhere. With ArcGIS Enterprise, you will receive the highest-level license—Enterprise Advanced.

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Enterprise Agreements

Looking to empower your entire organization? Nonprofit enterprise agreements (EA) are available to extend access and empower everyone across your organization. An EA provides the most complete GIS system available. It combines the necessary ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Enterprise seats to support your entire organization and provides the platform to geoenable all your enterprise systems.

See EA Options
  • Small nonprofit EAs include up to 150 ArcGIS Desktop Advanced licenses, 50 Level 1 & 200 Level 2 ArcGIS Online Named Users and 200 Level 2 Enterprise Named Users, and 3 ArcGIS Enterprise sixteen-core licenses
  • Medium nonprofit EAs include up to 350 ArcGIS Desktop Advanced licenses, 100 Level 1 & 450 Level 2 ArcGIS Online Named Users and 450 Level 2 Enterprise Named Users, and 10 ArcGIS Enterprise sixteen-core licenses
  • Large nonprofit EAs include up to 750 ArcGIS Desktop Advanced licenses, 250 Level 1 & 1,000 Level 2 ArcGIS Online Named Users and 1,000 Level 2 Enterprise Named Users, and 20 ArcGIS Enterprise sixteen-core licenses
  • Uncapped nonprofit EAs include uncapped ArcGIS Desktop Advanced licenses, 500 Level 1 & 1,500 Level 2 ArcGIS Online Named users and 1,500 Level 2 Enterprise Named Users, and uncapped ArcGIS Enterprise sixteen-core licenses
Please apply to learn about additional benefits and entitlements through nonprofit enterprise agreements.
See What's Included with a Nonprofit Enterprise Agreement.

Take your mission to the next level with the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program.

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