Publishing a Public-Facing Map Using Only ArcGIS Online Hosted Services

An organization with a 50-named-user subscription is using the following ArcGIS Online hosted services:

  • An ArcGIS Online basemap
  • Three feature services hosted in ArcGIS Online
    • One of the feature services requires 14,000 geocoded addresses to create points.
    • On average, each feature service is 1.5 MB, for a total of 4.5 MB for all three feature services.

Total Service Credits Used per Year:

  • Data transfer is included in the ArcGIS Online subscription and doesn't use any service credits
  • Three feature services hosted in ArcGIS Online over a one-year period: 13 service credits
  • 14,000 geocoded points: 560 service credits

Total service credits used: 573

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