Data and Reports

Business Analyst Online includes pre-formatted reports to help you do smart site selection, customer profiling, and competition analysis. The reports are based on thousands of data variables ranging from demographics and census to consumer spending and employment data as well as traffic counts.


Accurate current-year estimates and 5-year projection of US demographics data including population, households, income, age, housing, race, and ethnicity.

Data Source: Esri and US Census Bureau
Sample Report (PDF): Demographics and Income Profile →

Census and ACS

Census and American Community Survey (ACS) data on poverty status, education, labor force, journey to work, marital status, languages spoken, age, home value, and more.

Data Source: US Census Bureau and ACS
Sample Report (PDF): ACS Housing Summary →

Tapestry Segmentation

Detailed description of US residential neighborhoods divided into 67 distinctive segments based on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics. Provides insights into customers' lifestyle and behaviors.

Data Source: Esri
Sample Report (PDF): Tapestry Segmentation Area Profile →

Consumer Spending

Data about products and services US consumers are buying for more than 20 categories, including apparel, food and beverage, financial, and more.

Data Source: Esri, Consumer Expenditure Surveys, and Bureau of Labor Statistics
Sample Report (PDF): Retail Goods and Services Expenditure →

Market Potential

Data on products and services consumers use, need, and want to have. Expected number of consumers and Market Potential Index (MPI) data for goods, services, attitudes, and activities.

Data Source: Esri and GfK MRI
Sample Report (PDF): Retail Market Potential →

Retail Marketplace

Compare retail sales to consumer spending to measure the gap between supply and demand. Learn where consumer spending might be leaking out of a market area and find opportunities to supply goods and services to new customers.

Data Source: Esri and Infogroup
Sample Report (PDF): Retail MarketPlace Profile →

Business Data

List of more than 13 million businesses including name and location, industrial classification code, number of employees, and sales.

Data Source: Esri and Infogroup
Sample Report (PDF): Business Locations →

Major Shopping Centers

Statistics for nearly 7,000 major US shopping centers including name, total sales, and more.

Data Source: Directory of Major Malls, Inc.
Sample Report (PDF): Major Shopping Center Locator →

Crime Indexes

Statistics about major categories of personal and property crime, includes information about murder, assault, burglary, and more. Available at multiple geographies down to the block group level.

Data Source: Applied Geographic Solutions

Traffic Counts

Extensive US traffic data for trade analysis, routing, and mathematical modeling. Data on the number of vehicles that cross a certain point or street location in the US.

Data Source: Market Planning Solutions Inc.
Sample Report (PDF): Traffic Count Map - Close Up →

Global Datasets

Business Analyst Online includes global datasets that range from population and households to consumer spending and purchasing power. Access recent demographics about total population, family size, household income, unemployment, and more. Data on spending for categories such as food, medical, electronics, and more.

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