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See people and opportunities clearly, and reach your target customers by using ArcGIS Business Analyst in a web browser or on your iOS or Android device. Optimize site selection to identify the most profitable sites, employ easy-to-use business analytics tools, access authoritative demographics, create beautiful maps and professional reports, and instantly share your market research with decision-makers —no matter where you are.

Understand your customers

Identify an area of interest, select a workflow, and see opportunities clearly. Industry leaders use Business Analyst for site selection, to highlight data of concern, visualize what's missing, and to create compelling infographics to share with their teams. Leading retailers, hospitals, and consulting firms alike all use Business Analyst to better understand their customers.

Map with areas highlighted in blue, route highlighted in red, and pop-up boxes with directional data

Optimize and grow your business

Your location-based decisions can cost you millions if they aren't absolutely perfect. Make informed decisions and reduce losses with Esri's proven spatial and business analytics to help you understand gaps in target markets, identify the right customers, and select the ideal product mix using behavioral insights and data.

Street grid map

Access global data and demographics

Your data and our data—analyzed side by side. Work with public data and consumer spending, market potential, traffic, crime, health care, and lifestyle datasets curated by Esri demographers. With 15,000+ geodemographic variables for over 90 percent of the world's population, you can analyze your client's needs locally and globally.

Map of Italy with regions marked in red, orange, and yellow, and surrounding blue ocean

Share your work and present your findings

Your presented work has never looked so good. Business Analyst has done the hard work for you by putting data in preformatted yet fully customizable infographics and reports. Your work can be shared privately in your organization or publicly with your stakeholders as compelling infographics, story maps, or even as embeddable web apps.

Report showing demographic and spending trends data with charts and statistics

Analysis on the go

Visiting a site, meeting a client, or working remotely? You can run the Business Analyst Web App on a tablet or use the native mobile app on your smartphone for the location intelligence you need to close a deal.

Explore and interact with Business Analyst infographics

With ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App, you can visualize key indicators and information in the form of beautiful infographics—and we’ve made it simple to try. Simply select the infographic report you’re interested in and work with it the same as you would after exporting from Business Analyst. 

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