Address Coder software enables organizations with U.S. address lists to view the locations of their customers on a map or group them by geographic location, demographic characteristics, or consumer type for targeted marketing.

Address Coder can geocode U.S. addresses and append latitude-longitude, FIPS codes, and Esri's demographic and Tapestry Segmentation data to each record.

Use this affordable software to geocode your large U.S. address lists in single or batch mode for marketing, direct mail, and notification campaigns.

With Address Coder, you can

  • Assign geographic codes to address records to verify the exact locations of your customers and prospects.
  • Identify target audiences and markets by their demographics, spending habits, and geographic locations.
  • Raise direct mail response rates by mailing only to your most profitable customers and prospects and avoiding areas with little opportunity.
  • Target messages by consumer segment to attract more customers and prospects.

These are just a few ways that Address Coder can help you locate, segment, and target your address lists.

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