ArcNews "The Relevance of Cartography" Series

ArcNews “The Relevance of Cartography” Series

A column by Menno-Jan Kraak, President of the International Cartographic Association

To See or Not to See—Summer 2018

Don’t Shrug Off the Atlas—Spring 2018

Evaluating Maps for Usability—Winter 2018

Can Cartographers Do Maps?—Fall 2017

Inspiring Lifelong Learning in Cartography—Summer 2017

Maps, Facts, and Opinions—Spring 2017

The Mapping Challenges of Big Data—Winter 2017

Cartography Contributes to Meeting Sustainable Development Goals—Fall 2016

Cartographers Gain Outside Perspective—Summer 2016

Blurry Borders—Spring 2016

The Importance of Context—Winter 2016

The Magic of the Map—Fall 2015

Previous columns by Georg Gartner, past President of the International Cartographic Association

Assessing Where Cartography Is—and Where It Will Go—Summer 2015

Celebrating International Map Year 2015/16—Spring 2015

Is Cartography a Science?—Winter 2014/2015

Challenges to Cartography—Fall 2014

Why Maps Matter—Summer 2014