Briefly Noted

Autodesk Integrates ArcGIS Basemaps and Imagery

Industry leaders rely on the interoperability of GIS and building information modeling to reduce costs and boost efficiency across construction projects. To help with these efforts, effective November 2023, Autodesk entered into an agreement with Esri to provide ArcGIS Basemaps and ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World data in Autodesk products.

In March 2024, AutoCAD 2025 became the first Autodesk product to have these new capabilities. They will provide AutoCAD users with a geographic foundation for design projects based on a global collection of basemaps with localized languages and geographies. This will also provide additional value to AutoCAD users via authoritative maps that will help architecture, engineering, and construction professionals deliver projects more quickly and sustainably. With Basemaps, Autodesk users can enrich computer-aided design and building information modeling with real-world context.

Learn more about using Basemaps and Living Atlas with Autodesk.

Esri Launches

In January 2024, Esri officially launched, a website for showcasing and celebrating beautiful, remarkable, and insightful maps. The site, accessible to anyone online, is focused on sharing and discussing visually engaging maps across a wide variety of topics and formats including analyses, dynamic visualizations, videos, and 3D models.

The editors encourage mapmakers, cartographers, and the GIS community to submit their own distinctive and visually engaging maps. The maps featured so far have included a 3D view of Mars, a look at where Christmas trees grow in the United States, and a cross-section of an active volcano.