A Comprehensive Approach to GIS Management

The GIS Management Handbook, Third Edition, by Peter L. Croswell, provides specific practical advice that can help GIS managers be more successful.

This book reflects how the use of GIS has expanded since it was developed in the late 1960s for managing projects. As GIS and IT have evolved, the scope of GIS has also grown to encompass the management of programs and portfolios of programs. The range of topics handled in the book also goes beyond simply technical ones and tackles organizational structure and governance, human resources, financial management, legal and contract issues, and operations and service delivery.

Although GIS management professionals are the obvious target audience for this book, it is also valuable for senior executives and policy makers who oversee GIS programs; IT personnel involved in GIS integration and the coordination of GIS with overall IT programs; and those who teach and are studying GIS management at the university level.


This book has a wider audience than typical GIS management books because it addresses not just management issues that are common to GIS but also those problems common to other types of IT systems in a variety of organizations. It differs from more generic management books in that topics are approached from a GIS perspective and offers strategies and approaches that address the specific challenges GIS managers face.

A unique strength of this book is that it includes access to supplemental digital files that are real-world examples of agreements, evaluations, plans, and other materials from more than 130 organizations.

First published in 2009, this third edition of The GIS Management Handbook has been updated to reflect changes not only in GIS and IT technology but also the evolution of management methodologies and the increase in the resources available to support GIS implementation. This edition includes references to books, papers, websites, and other resources that will be useful to GIS managers.

Dr. John Morgan, assistant professor of GIS at the University of West Florida, recommends its use as a text for university courses on GIS management. Morgan said, “As an academic, The GIS Management Handbook is the best textbook I have found on the topic.”

With the third edition, The GIS Management Handbook is available in Spanish. More than a simple translation from English to Spanish, this edition cites GIS sources and programs in Spain and Latin America and has numerous bibliographic additions for Spanish-language references and publications.

The author, Peter Croswell, has more than 40 years of experience in IT and GIS and has worked on GIS planning and implementation projects throughout North America and in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean region, and the Middle East. Croswell is a certified project management professional (PMP), an American Society for Photogrammetry and remote sensing (ASPRS) certified mapping scientist, and a GIS professional (GISP). A former board member and president of URISA, he has authored several books and numerous professional papers and publications. He is the president of Croswell-Schulte Information Technology Consultants, a firm specializing in GIS and IT assessment, planning, design, and management support.

This book is published by Kessey Dewitt Publications in association with URISA, and is available in print and digital editions.