New Hands-On Modules Added

ArcGIS Labs, a new e-Learning format, has been added to the Esri Academy catalog. These self-paced learning modules emphasize hands-on practice through step-by-step exercises.

These labs, which typically take from one to a couple of hours to complete, are another flexible option for growing your GIS knowledge and ArcGIS skills. Each lab includes one or more scenario-based exercises, the data needed to complete it, a quiz to measure your understanding of the workflows taught, and a certificate of completion for successfully passing the quiz.
As with other Esri Academy web courses, you’ll need to already have access to the software used in the lab exercises. Course topics range from Working with Charts and Reports in ArcGIS Pro to Building an App in ArcGIS Online to Expand Food Access to Visualizing Multidimensional Data Using Voxels in ArcGIS Pro. Explore interesting topics and new ArcGIS workflows while building valuable skills that will advance your GIS career goals. Modules will continue to be added.

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