Learn to Effectively Be the Change You Seek

Although the Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed, “The only thing that is constant is change” thousands of years ago, he could as easily be speaking to the GIS managers of today.

When organizations deploy ArcGIS software and new geospatial capabilities to improve operations, GIS managers often must prepare impacted staff members so they can quickly adopt new technology-driven workflows. The success or failure of a project or initiative rests as much on social change within the organization as on the technology.

A new instructor-led course from Esri, Preparing for Change, is designed specifically for GIS managers and organizational leaders who are modernizing GIS-supported workflows, planning a new ArcGIS deployment, or expanding ArcGIS access outside the current user base. For organizations that are planning a technology change that will significantly impact existing workflows, this course is an opportunity to learn how to prepare their people to quickly embrace change, adopt new workflows, and deliver meaningful results.

Preparing for Change provides practical steps that organizations can take to plan a people-focused change management effort. This class will also benefit senior managers who want to increase the overall adoption rate of new geospatial capabilities and influencers and change agents who are involved in ArcGIS projects and user adoption initiatives.
Guided by Prosci-certified Esri change practitioners, attendees participate in activities from the first phase of the popular Prosci ADKAR model of change management that include

Course materials include templates that attendees can immediately use in their own change management efforts.

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