Captivate Potential Employers with StoryMaps

StoryMaps, the new personal storytelling tool for everyone, is a great vehicle for telling potential employers what you can offer them. Its immersive use of media can engage hiring managers and help you stand out from other applicants.

On average, hiring managers spend just seven seconds reviewing a traditional résumé. The compelling interactive content you can include in StoryMaps—images, videos, maps, and audio clips—will encourage the people considering you for a position to spend more time with your application and get to know more about your strengths, experience, and passions.

You can include video greetings, links to your online portfolios, LinkedIn profile, testimonials, and references. You can provide examples of GIS work and map out your employment history. This is especially effective when applying for a GIS position. You can use research you have conducted on a potential employer to communicate that you understand the company culture and share its core values.

Use prebuilt layouts and the tools in StoryMaps to simplify, speed up, and enhance story creation. Simply drag and drop videos, images, and audio clips into your story. Maps can be quickly created using Express Maps, or you can use maps from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World.


Use StoryMaps to make a bold statement to potential employers. Responsive design ensures that your StoryMaps résumé looks good on any device.

Set the mood with ready-to-use themes or create custom themes by choosing background colors, fonts, and button styles. You can incorporate logos or branding schemes. Use rich text editing capabilities and simple drawing and annotation tools. Once a story is finished, sharing it on social media, embedding it in a website, or providing access to it via a URL is simple and easy because Esri hosts StoryMaps stories.

StoryMaps is designed for individuals, not organizations. It was built separately from the ArcGIS system, so it does not require an ArcGIS Online organizational account.

The StoryMaps mobile apps for iOS and Android let you work on your résumé wherever and whenever you have time. Responsive design ensures that your StoryMaps résumé looks good on any device.

StoryMaps, obtainable only from, is available at two levels: a no-cost Basic level and the monthly subscription Premium level with enhanced storytelling capabilities. Try StoryMaps for free with a 30-day trial and get access to Premium plan features.