Audrey Lamb

Audrey Lamb is an account manager for commercial forestry at Esri. She has built her career working across natural resource sectors including forestry, shellfish aquaculture, and ecological restoration. She enjoys bringing together business leaders, technology experts, and on-the-ground managers to set the strategic vision for long-term success—and working collaboratively to achieve that vision. Audrey is passionate about workforce development in rural areas and committed to helping the next generation of natural resource managers tell the story of the communities they operate in and why they do what they do.

Posts by this author
Global Demand for Nickel Soars—Will Biodiversity Suffer?

Can the practice of offsets protect biodiversity around mining sites? Location analysis indicates it can.

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How Mapping Trees Helped a University’s Urban Forest Thrive

Urban foresters on UNA's campus leverage maps, imagery, and apps to gather important variables for active forest management.

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Drones, Imagery Bring Precision Agriculture Concepts to Forestry

F&W Forestry Services uses drones in the field to monitor forest health and apply targeted treatments to yield the best timber harvest.

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Eyes over the Amazon Unravel a Deforestation Mystery

Satellite imagery analysis helped watchdogs see what happened to 5,000 acres of rain forest. The same tech could keep supply chains transparent.

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North Carolina Lumber Mill Takes Guesswork Out of Operations with GIS

Culp Lumber made the shift from desktop GIS to online GIS to achieve efficiency gains in the forest.

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Environmental Consultant Achieves Global Collaboration with Smart Maps

A fast-growing global environmental consulting firm uses GIS and smart maps for collaboration, communication, and project management.

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