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Brett Sanders, professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Photo: Steve Zylius/UCI

August 21, 2023 Alex Pasternack | Climate Action

Mapping LA’s Flood Risk at Unprecedented Detail Reveals Hidden Risks

December 12, 2023 Greg Milner | Infrastructure

What If the Urban Utopia Was Something We Could Actually Build?

February 6, 2024 Greg Milner | Mapping

Mapping the Future of Spatial Computing

January 30, 2024 Multiple Authors | Public Safety

Alabama: Advancing Public Safety with High-Tech Maps and Shared Awareness

January 23, 2024 Anthony Schultz | Public Safety

The New Wildfire Reality: Mapping a Response

January 16, 2024 Olivier Cottray | Public Safety

Assessing the Needs of the World’s Most Food Insecure Countries

March 4, 2020 Ryan Lanclos | Public Safety

Remnants of War: Smart Maps Help Teams Locate and Remove Land Mines

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