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May 2, 2023 Anthony Schultz | Public Safety

Portugal Revamps Wildfire Resilience after Devastating Fires

April 25, 2023 Multiple Authors | Infrastructure

A Digital Twin of Ports and Channels Helps Army Corps Maintain US Waterways

May 11, 2023 Multiple Authors | Public Safety

Frisco, Texas Finds Success with a Public Safety Digital Twin

July 18, 2018 Brett Dixon | Public Safety

The Technology Behind the Thailand Cave Rescue

April 11, 2023 Matt Piper | Infrastructure

A Network Digital Twin Helps Brazil Utility Expand Renewable Energy
Brett Sanders, professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Photo: Steve Zylius/UCI

April 4, 2023 Alex Pasternack | Climate Action

Mapping LA’s Flood Risk at Unprecedented Detail Reveals Hidden Risks

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